Several ladies of the craft group went to The Silk Museum in Macclesfield where the silk story is brought to life through textiles, costumes, photographs and more. Entry is by donation, but not open every day will need to check if interested. We were lucky to be able to join a tour in The Paradise Mill, entry £11 but concession £9.50. A project as been funded by The Association for Industrial Archaeology to restore and conserve two of the 19th century Jacquard handlooms for demonstration to allow visitors to continue to experience the incredible sights and sounds of these historic important looms. The tour was very interesting and well worth a visit. Afterwards we went back into the Silk Museum and we were shown a banner that was used by the Macclesfield Women’s Suffrage Society it had obviously been kept very well as the picture shows.
In the museum we also saw a one-third scale model of a Lombe’s Throwing Machine used in the 18th Century for spinning a usable yarn. The actual machines were about 5 metres high.

On our way back to the car we came across a fantastic shop selling wool/craft well worth another visit. Thanks very much to Annette for taking us

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