Pat with Sam and Helen

This was the topic of a talk enjoyed by Whitley WI and friends from other local WIs on a very sunny Saturday spring afternoon. The speaker was Sam Youd, the former Head Gardener at Tatton Park. During his time at Tatton Sam has overseen many projects including the restoration of Italian and Rose gardens. However it was the restoration of the complete range of Glasshouse, Orchard and Kitchen Gardens which have proved to be popular.
The complete restoration of the Japanese Garden by Sam and his team of English and Japanese Gardeners has been rated as the best restoration of a Japanese garden in Europe. As a result of this Sam was awarded Associate of Honour by the Royal Horticultural Society.
During his career Sam has been involved with various Radio and TV programmes. He has travelled extensively across the globe to study gardens.
Sam was introduced by Whitley member Helen Carey (a former CFWI Chairman). Helen recalled the time in 2005 when The Cheshire Federation received a gold at the RHS Flower Show at Tatton with a garden entitled ‘Back to our Roots’. Sam had been involved with the planning and planting of this garden.

In his talk, Sam reminded members that cheerfulness and happiness were important, as are building relationships with trees. He described the steps involved with the ancient Japanese process of relaxation entitled ‘Forest Bathing.’ These included, leaving phones, goals and expectations behind, wandering around aimlessly and to just sit and listen to the sounds around you. He described the world as suffering from a ‘HURRY SICKNESS’. For a healthy life you must give yourself time for rest and play.

Following a break for tea and cake, the event concluded with a very popular ‘Gardeners Question Time.’ What can you do with giant conifers that are needed to hide a shed? How can you stop daffodil leaves making the garden look messy? dWill bleach kill a tree stump? Advantages or disadvantages of mulching with bark, When can I prune a jasmine which has grown so well and fills an archway? All present now know how to grow the biggest sunflower!
Thank You to all who donated raffle prizes and were able to come and enjoy a relaxing time AWAY from their garden.

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