Afternoon tea party.
On Wednesday 25th May, in conjunction with the garden group you are all invited to the garden of
Helen’s in Brookhouse Lane. Come along anytime between 2 and 4pm to have a wander around
her lovely garden and enjoy tea and biscuits.
Events of the afternoon.
A wildlife themed raffle. Proceeds to our WI.
A photograph competition of flora and fauna around the area. Please put your entry (a standard
size photograph please) in an envelope with your name on the outside.

Closing date for this is the 5th May the main meeting date of the WI. Please hand to Annette.
There will be no entry fee but a donation box to the wildlife trust in recognition of

60 years of the Cheshire Wildlife trust.
Please remember ‘The Planet’ and share cars wherever possible and pop a picnic chair in the back
on the assumption that it will be a beautiful sunny afternoon

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