Trip to Smith’s Nursery at Lymm

A group of 15 WI members had a fascinating trip around Smith’s nursery in Booth’s Lane,Lymm, already a favourite with a few of them who had already discovered this successful local family business. The father of the current owners opened the business in 1959 on a 2 acre greenfield site which has now been extended to 5 acres of glass and polytunnels. They use modern highly automated methods for sowing, transplanting, potting and growing on, with a small team of workers. There is an increasing market as a genuine local nursery open to the public, but most of the production is for larger and long standing contracts across the North West – parks and gardens, other nurseries, scout groups etc.

April is the busiest time of year, with production lines busy and polytunnels overflowing with colourful plants. It was really interesting to see the whole process, and hear about the business from the enthusiastic and friendly owners. Thanks to Sue Burtonwood and Annette for arranging the tour.

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