Seven enthusiast walkers started their walk from the Boot Inn, Boothsdale, Kelsall on an overcast day to make the gentle ascent to the top of Boothsdale under the canopy of trees. After climbing a flight of timbered edged steps we stopped to look back at the fantastic view over the Cheshire Plain. Continuing up the next flight of steps we reached the top and passed through a kissing gate as we entered an open pasture. Passing where the historic site of Kelsborrow Castle stood which was a Iron Age Fort. We followed a path between the fields towards Castle Hill then through a narrow strip of woodland we turned right across a grassy patch up to the road turning right onto Quarry Bank Lane. We followed the lane as it gently went up hill till we reached the top then after 150 metres ŵe turned left into Primrosehill Wood, at Kings Gate. A downhill track was in front of us taking us into the woods at the bottom of the slope we followed the track to the right till we came to a dip where we took a detour to visit Urchins kitchen which is one of several glacial drainage channels in the area formed beneath a vast lowland ice sheet at the close of the Ice Age. As the path descends into the water warn gorge , the sandstone sides are exposed.
Returning to the route going straight ahead across the path we came from we headed through the trees for a very short distance turning right and gently going up the slope looking for a way marker post with steps on the right between tall sycamore trees. Following a well defined path Into farmland then eventually keeping to the far side of the hedge we emerged onto Tirley Lane. Turning right we made our way back down the road bearing left at the T junction and following Roughlow Lane after admiring the Llama’s in the field . Passing several cottages we turned right at Gooseberry Lane making our way back up the gentle slope to the footpath down to Boots Inn. The walk known locally as Little Switzerland was rather a exhausting one for several of us but we were thankful of the cloud cover rather than the sun they had forecasted but having said that we all thoroughly enjoyed the views. Another member of our walking group joined us for a lovely lunch at The Vale Royal Abbey Arms.


Next walk is AUGUST 16th ….. watch this space!!

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