August 2022 Evening outing to Knutsford

On a beautiful August evening 18 members met at the Heritage Centre in a lovely little courtyard just off King Street in the heart of Knutsford. We were joined by two tour guides who whisked us off in two groups to discover the hidden gems of this street. From the gates to Tatton Park at one end to the Grade I listed Unitarian Chapel at the other end we were amazed at just what we miss when we don’t look up and take in our surroundings.
The buildings designed by Richard Harding Watt stand out with their unusual stone outcrops – included to provide perches and roosting points for birds, especially pigeons, a favourite of Harding Watt! Unfortunately his Kings Coffee House at the base of the Elizabeth Gaskell Memorial Tower stands empty at the moment – partly due to the pigeon problem encountered by the last occupants.
The evening finished off with a meal at the former coaching inn, The Angel where two extra members were able to join us. All in all a most enjoyable evening!

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