The May Walk Through Bluebell Woods.

With our leader Ann exploring distant Peru at the moment, Rita led us on a fabulous May walk around Grappenhall and Appleton. Setting off on a bright cool morning from The Rams Head, Grappenhall we headed for the Walled Garden. With the recent dry weather, the ground was good underfoot, as we made our way along the paths and fields bursting into life with young crops. Having lived in the area for over twenty years I thought I knew my way around, but amazingly Rita led us to places I had not seen before. Spring was defiantly in the air, the young green leaves and blossoms on the trees, the scent from the hedgerows and the thousands of bluebells, were a delight to take in.
We made our way past the Cricket Club, through Grappenhall Heys, up to the Walled Garden, heading for a ‘Pit Stop’ at Rita’s. We were welcomed by her husband and served tea or coffee and some very ‘naughty biscuits’ (most of us had two!).
Suitably refreshed, our walk traversed the Dingle’s undulating and tranquil ancient woodland. By now the air was warmer and the sun was shining as we made our way along the paths. The bluebells were in abundance here too.
Our journey continued through paths and fields via Cann Lane, making our way back to the Rams Head. With the sun shining down on us, we took advantage of this and had our lunch in the courtyard at the back of the pub.
Thank you Rita for taking us through such beautiful scenery on this lovely spring morning.
Susan B.

Jackie, Lorna, Susan, Pat, Chris, Pat, Lesley, Chris, Eleanor, Jenny, Annette and Anne…where is Rita?


A little child is choking, panic shouldn’t set in, but what should you do? Emergency First Aid for grandparents was the subject of Whitley WI’s May meeting.
Who better to give expert advice than a Consultant in Emergency Medicine, Doctor Darren.
Accidents and emergencies do happen and First Aid means that the first person to find the casualty should be the first to give aid. Simple things really do save lives. We were given a demonstration of what to do if a little child chokes on something as simple as food getting stuck on its way down.
Ask yourself the question, where do you keep your pills? One tablet can kill a small child. What if a child finds tiny berries to eat thinking they are sweets? Don’t make the child vomit, give them milk to drink, take them to A+E along with either the pills or a small branch of the tree. Alternatively ring 111 if the child seems OK and 999 if the child isn’t responding normally.
A major incident could occur if a child mistakes a small round lithium battery for perhaps a shiny sweet. Within 3 hours extensive chemical burns will occur in the child’s digestive system. This is an extreme emergency so call an ambulance immediately.
Instances like these and others involving burns and convulsions were also discussed.
The meeting then changed from dealing with small children to help for older people. A collapse, a stroke, a heart attack; what should the first to give aid do?
Members of Whitley then had the opportunity to try CPR on dummies with the help of Dr Darren and two very experienced paramedics. Whitley WI campaigned three years ago to get a defibrillator for Whitley Village Hall. All members should now know how to use it with confidence, and realise that Simple First Aid can save lives.

APRIL WALK around Arley

Eleven enthusiastic walkers turned left, out of the car park of The Great Budworth Real Dairy Ice Cream Farm. Our plan was a circular walk around Arley.
We set off up Heath Lane, going straight on at the cross roads on to Knutsford Road where caution is needed due to no pathway. After approx. 500m we turned right off the road through a field gate, then turning left we followed the edge of the field passing a derelict farm building and keeping a small copse on the left, and carrying on through the farmland with well signed posted directions.
The morning started a bit gloomy but slowly the clouds disappeared and it was a really pleasant walk, lots of chit chat on the way. A small lane took us to Hollies Farm which we skirted on our way. Everywhere around us could be seen, new leaves on the trees and hedges at different levels of growth, the daffodils looked past their best but the primulas where popping up in places taking over. How fortunate we are to see such wonderful things.
After crossing a bridge we followed a track back to Arley were we had a well-earned water break and continued on our way back to the Ice Cream Farm, passing the car parks for Arley Hall and Stockley Farm. The walk took us through a field gate and we followed the track through fields keeping the hedges to our left.

In the first field we had some very friendly horses that came and said hello, I think one horse thought I had some food because when I stopped to look for my phone, it had it head in my bag.
The lovely picture shows these horses. We crossed over Arley Brook then along a concrete track which we followed to Budworth Heath Lane passing through a holly hedge and following the path back to the Start. We all had an excellent lunch at the Ice cream Farm quite a few of us partaking in cake and ice cream.

APRIL MEETING… a Floral Demonstration by Village Florist

Janine from Village Florist, Stockton Heath gave us a fascinating demonstration of Floristry, with a theme of Easter for her displays. Using interesting containers ranging from an egg shape pot to a beautiful wickerwork basket, and beautiful flowers predominantly from the green, blue, white and yellow spectrum, she showed us how to create a framework of foliage and then add feature flowers to provide height and width. Some of her arrangements featured ‘pussy willow’ twigs and twisted hazel stems which she used to great effect, and explained that, if these are dried out, they can last for a long time.
As she worked, she gave a fascinating insight into her long and varied career working with plants and flowers in markets, garden centres and florists. She described herself as a florist, rather than a flower arranger – the difference between the two became particularly clear when she told us about shutting herself away for several days as she created hundreds of bouquets/arrangements for Mother’s Day. Janine generously donated the several displays she produced as our raffle prizes

Recent County and Group events included a meeting addressing Climate Change, the Group meeting where the highly entertaining and professional Judith Hibbert amused us with her singing repertoire ‘Around the Wireless’, and the Darts League and County Competition where our team excelled this year. Planned activities include our May outing to Menai and Llandudno, a visit to Sainsbury’s, our Group Spring Lunch and the regular walking and book club meetings. The Bowls team will begin their season later this month.

A highlight of our summer plans is our Garden Party in aid of the WI Denman College which will take place on Sat 24th June

A busy meeting, showing just how what a wide variety of activities are available to members of Whitley WI, new members are always made most welcome.

Whitley WI Darts Team’s Success

Whitley WI Darts Team, are a very dedicated group of members who, in the cold dark winter nights, travel around the County, competing in two main competitions, all on behalf of Whitley Women’s Institute.
In the League Whitley with 9 points, were runners up…. only one point behind the winners, Higher Walton, who achieved 10 points.
In this very successful year, Whitley reached the Semi-Finals of the County Darts, knocking out several ‘favourites’ along the way.
Well done and thank you, to all team members…. and especially to their inspirational leader Ann Tolson.

Members from left to right: Back…Ann Tolson, Rita Carter, Ann Brock, Betty Blake, Lorna Bettles, Judy Harrison. Front… Joan Pattinson, Pat Gaskell and Pam Straw