PALS Meeting March

What is happening to our climate? By Dr William Roberts, Bristol University (some of you will know his mum!)

The packed hall in Tarvin reflected the interest in this subject and the need to disentangle fact from fiction peddled by some world leaders.

Sue Roberts and William

What is the difference between weather and climate?
Weather is the short term variations which we remember e.g. the particularly cold day this winter, snow in June, the year when there was a really hot summer (1976 springs to mind!)

Climate is the changes in average temperatures over longer periods typically at least 30 years.

Dr Roberts explained that people had been taking temperature measurements for hundreds of years so there was an abundance of temperature data which had been translated into graphs, both for the UK and globally.
These graphs showed the highs and lows but the shape of the temperature graph was upwards, so the average temperature was increasing. A graph of carbon dioxide emissions over the same period showed the same upward curve as temperature.

Although there have been natural occurrences of global warming e.g. the end of the ice age, these rises in temperature occurred over many thousands of years, whereas climate change over the past 30 years is due to human activities.

Climate change is measured by analysing temperature, rainfall, vegetation and organisms in the oceans.
Dansgaard researched the connection between the “heaviness” of water and temperature. He discovered that heavy water which weighs more the “normal” water was generated by higher temperatures. So analysis of water from ice cores in the artic regions established if and how temperatures had changed over the centuries.
Scientists can try to understand patterns of climate by analysing such data and learning the causes of those changes.

After answering some searching questions on the subject Dr Roberts concluded that clean technologies were the way forward.

Note: Sue Bentley (former President of Whitley WI) is the new Federation’s climate change ambassador and there is to be a week of action on climate change in July.

Mary Highmore ….. Whitley WI PAL

Daresbury….Whitley WI’s March Walk

Susan, Pat, Lesley and Joan

Alice and some friends on Daresbury Primary School

Daresbury village is famous as the place where Alice started her adventures into Wonderland.
Whitley WI walking group were very lucky with the March weather. Sunshine after many days of rain, although still a bit wet and muddy underfoot.Nine suitably dressed members started the walk at The Ring O’Bell’s Inn at Daresbury.
We crossed the busy A56 into The Firs woodland, walked along the Bridgewater canal, meeting another group of walkers coming in the opposite direction – all 52 of them. From Hobb Lane Bridge we crossed back over the A56, through “Cream Fields” (nationally notorious for a summer music festival venue). We did see snowdrops and were eventually back on the road past Daresbury Church, to our starting point and our Lunch destination. (Approx 6.1km)

Ring O’Bells, Daresbury

A few of members ambled rather than rambled and got quite a way behind, but all enjoyed the fresh spring air.

Many thanks to Ann O’B for organising us yet again, a lovely morning out.

Culture Club Visit London

Chris, Pat and Jonty

Chris, Pat and Jonty

The WI is all about Educating Women. On Saturday 4th March, Culture Club Members headed south on a Virgin Pendolino train from Warrington Bank Quay, taking under 2 hours to get to Euston Station, so a cultural adventure could begin. A walk from Embankment took us past historic buildings such as The Foreign Office, Horseguards Parade and along Whitehall, where we looked at the monument to the women of world war II.

The main aim was to have a guided tour around the Houses of Parliament. All went well and members marvelled at the beauty and atmosphere within this historic building. Watching ‘ News at 10’ will never be the same again. A free afternoon meant many more sites to see.

A major protest walk by over 250,000 NHS staff campaigning to ‘Save our NHS’ was watched from Cromwell Green outside the house (no wonder the train from the north to the south was busy). A walk along the Southbank of the Thames and over a few bridges gave magnificent views of London, ending up outside Southwark Cathedral followed by a wander around the cosmopolitan Borough market. A couple of people visited “The Wellcome Trust Collection” where St Clement’s Cake and Tea were enjoyed. Hidden away we found The Monument, designed by Sir Christopher Wren, placed on the spot where the great fire of London started.

All good things must come to an end. Exactly 2hrs after leaving Euston, I was back in my home. Many thanks to the organisers…all who went can clearly say….Yes WI is about Educating Women!

Cheese at Borough Market

Women of World War Two Memorial, Whitehall

The Eye

London Bridge and The Bismark

THE MARCH MEETING.. Wellness, Wellbeing, and Anecdotes of Old Warrington

               PART 1.. WELLNESS and WELLBEING

Massage involves working and acting on the body with pressure. It is used to promote relaxation and well-being. Whitley members enjoyed a talk given by therapist Hazel Burgess, entitled Wellness and Wellbeing.

Massage is not new. Its roots go back to at least 2700BC where it is found in traditional Chinese Medical references at the time of the Yellow Emperor. Egyptian tomb paintings show men having work done on their hands and feet, and was used by Greek Athletes to improve their performances. Gifts of Myrrh in the bible suggest the use of essential oils to enhance the feeling of wellbeing
Hazel led us through various aspects of massage, which help blood to circulate, make people (and animals) more relaxed, and in turn strengthen their immune system.

A  picture showing facial muscles, helped to explain the technique of facial massage. Members had great fun doing their own facial massage.. funny faces and laughs all round. 



                                              PART 2.. ANECDOTES of OLD WARRINGTON.

Local History is a hobby of our very busy President Joan who has spent many happy hours researching, visiting, collating photos and  sketching various aspects of the History of Warrington. In her first presentation to a WI, she used Whitley as her very willing Guinea Pig. Joan expertly mastered the technology of the Village Hall and entertained us with interesting stories of our local town. Members were able to recall memories of their youth, but were also able to relate the history to the present day.

All are familiar with local names and places such as Latchford, which was the only crossing point of the Mersey, before a bridge was built. Ryland St, named after Peter Rylands who owned a wire working factory. He became Mayor of Warrington and became an MP. John Wilson Patten a Conservative MP became Baron Winmarleigh, where as the Crosfield family developed a sugar refining process as well as becoming famous for their soap manufacture. These aspects, people and many more, brought long lasting, wealth and prosperity to our town.

Joan brought Warrington alive and recieved a more than well-deserved applause for a great finish to our evening. Next time members go there, they will think of Warrington in a different light

Midland Hotel Visit

30 WI members, suitably dressed to impress, joined the coach trip to the prestigious Midland Hotel in the centre of Manchester. We followed in the footsteps of many famous people, including Mr Rolls and Mr Royce, TV stars, sporting celebrities, politicians and royalty.
We split into 2 groups and had a fascinating tour of the inside and outside of this impressive Victorian building where our knowledgeable and enthusiastic guides explained the importance of the history, location, architecture and ownership of this beautiful hotel. You could almost imagine arriving by steam train at the busy Central Station, now an exhibition centre, and just crossing the road to be greeted by the commissionaire, welcoming you at the impressive entrance of this grand building while your luggage was taken to your large suite where wine, flowers, chocolates and luxury awaited you . . .
We finished our visit with an Afternoon Tea in the Octagon room before returning to Whitley.  Many thanks to our organisers Ann, Lorna and Ann.