October Walk


Our leader Ann O’Brien, always gets it right with her choice of walk, and the weather… Thank You Ann

Little Budwthe-view-weborth was this month’s venue, andin-the-woodsweb what a great choice for the time of year. 10 of our members wandered through the thick woodland of Little Budworth Country Park, Autumn was just about starting, with toadstools growing on tree stumps, and leaves trying to change into seasonal colours. We had fields to walk through and many styles to negotiate. (Please farmers don’t keep your gates locked.. the WI need better access).

                                   A recently cut, but very dusty, field of maize was  crossed…Who was it that said “amazing” ?

Back to the village, where a light lunch was enjoyed by all at the Red Lion, Little Budworth,

the staff of which made us very welcome.

OCTOBER MEETING. Food Banks and Fair Trade


Two Davids Collecting Food donations from Whitley WI


Penny Hennessey, showing a catalogue of fair trade goods that can be bought to help third world communities.

An interesting October meeting and an eye opener into how different people live.

Whitley WI welcomed their first speaker David McDonald from the Warrington Food Bank. This Christian Charity, run by 100+ volunteers, was set up in Warrington in Dec 2012 with the aim of helping people short of cash, for various reasons, to provide food for themselves and their families. Within Warrington alone, 60 tons of food, providing 49,222 meals, were distributed last year. Vouchers which are exchanged for a bag containing of 3 days-worth of food, happen in several Warrington locations, the main depot being at Friars Green Church in Cairo Street. A huge storage warehouse has been made available, in the Riverside Retail Park at a yearly rental of £1.00, thanks to the thoughtfulness of former Mayor of Warrington Peter Carey.
Food donations come from various sources: Tesco allow food collection in their stores on 6 days a year, and Morrison’s also have the facility to collect donations. Gulliver’s World allows half-price entry on certain days if the entrant brings a food bank donation. The main sources are simply from you and me, the general public. David McDonald emphasised that “the generosity of the people of Warrington is outstanding”.

We were later treated to a talk from Penny Hennessey who represented the International Fair Trade Charity. The aim of this charity isn’t just to pay farmers a decent price for their crops, but to help build whole communities of which the farmers are only a part. Villages get a social premium to enhance the living conditions of all people in that village. The initial needs tend to be a clean water supply, then a school for their children and a health centre in that order.

One example Penny gave involved growing grapes. As payment the farmers wanted a few sheep. These sheep grazed under the vines, ate the weeds, and fertilized the soil with their excrements. In return these sheep breed, have babies also providing milk, wool and some can be eaten. Co-Operatives of farmers learn to work together for the social needs of all the village.
So next time you see a fair trade banana… there is more to it than just a banana, there is a whole society, somewhere across the sea benefitting from your choice of product in that shop.



autumn-meeting-jpg angela-jpg

What a treat. 600 lucky members of CFWI met in the Winsford lifestyle centre, for their 2016 Autumn Council meeting. There is so much going on in Cheshire Federation which is brilliantly led by our new chairman Jean Harding. Presentations of events to come in the next few months were told to the gathered crowd by the leaders of various sections of the County Committee. Included were more visits to Denman, an October Concert by the Weaver Valley Choir, details of the latest project being supported by ACWW, a visit to Haughton Hall’s garden in May, and the title for next year’s Cheshire Show entries “All things Bright and Beautiful”.
We also enjoyed an informative presentation by a young lady from the Cheshire Wild life Trust. This is a local charity, and totally run by volunteers and donations.
Members eagerly returned to their seats after lunch. Angela Rippon our guest speaker had arrived. This 72 years young lady, has just celebrated 50 years in broadcasting, looked far younger and fitter than she appears on the television, took us on a journey through her professional life. A young girl from Plymouth, who was mad about horses and dancing, got herself a job as a photo-journalist with a local newspaper. Her ability, talent, and vibrancy, resulted in her getting a job reading the news on BBC TV. Her father wasn’t pleased! He gave her advice to last a lifetime…she must read the news as if she was talking to him. This Advice stayed with Angela throughout her whole journalistic life. Her career went from strength to strength, from the news, to Top-Gear, from the Antiques Roadshow, to presenting Come-Dancing, from the famous Morecombe and Wise show (1972) to the Holiday Programme. Her current role is being the main presenter of “Rip Off Britain”.
She said the secret of success was to recognise both your strengths and weaknesses, enjoy and be proud of what you have achieved. Angela’s enthusiasm for life was truly inspiring… sorry about blurred pictures, i was sitting near the back. Pat x

Have you got the knitting bug yet?


I have a confession to make, I’ve got the ‘knitting bug’. I’ve never really been a knitter but I thought I’d better make an effort and have a go at making a Twiddle Muff. I made a ‘girly’ one first, you know pastels and flowers etc., but then I thought about making one for the men. I got a bit carried away with my Warrington Wolves effort, with zips and beads, pom poms and rugby balls and decided to make a mascot as well, I’ve called him WOOLLY (obviously). They were so easy to do; I’m going to make a ‘girly’ teddy next.

If you’ve not made a muff or teddy yet, why not have a go? However; a word of caution – you may catch ‘The Knitting Bug’ but you will certainly brighten the life of a dementia sufferer.

Patterns for the twiddle muffs are on the internet, google twiddle muffs, or contact Lorna Bettles or Pat Gaskell or pick one up at next WI meeting along with a Teddy pattern.

(or you can download two knitting patterns for twiddlemuff or a knitted teddy from the Whitley WI website project page – Jenny)


We will be discussing where to supply our Twiddle Muffs to at Lorna’s house on Thursday 20th October


The 26th Adelaide Hough Ch Cup competition, has just been played on a beautiful September sunny day at Comberbach Bowls club. 16 players competed, with each bowler playing 4 matches.

A scrumptious lunch prepared by all the players was enjoyed.
Ann Tolson played well throughout and was the well -deserved Champion.
Adelaide was able to come along and present the Trophy. This made this end of season event to all our dedicated bowls teams even more special.

Photos show members enjoying lunch, a recent picture of Whitley 1 and 2 bowls teams, and Champion Ann recieving her trophy from Adelaide Hough.