Scrapbooking by Pat Holbrook

When I was asked to produce a scrapbook for 2007 for Whitley WI, my first thought was that I didn’t much like the few fussy, frilly examples of scrapbooking that I had seen up to then and perhaps I wasn’t the man for the job. However I went on the one-day workshop at WI headquarters in Chester and found that the process could be as simple or as ornate as you like – what is important is manipulating the items to set them off as attractively and effectively as possible.

Tools were needed including acid free adhesives, cutters, coloured cards, trimmings and glitzy bits (my favourite piece of kit is a small guillotine which is a wizard at trimming photos). I made several trips to craft centres discovering what was available.

I tried to cover as many WI meetings and events as possible, with my trusty digital camera in hand, but members have been really helpful in providing material to fill my gaps. My husband has done all the photo-processing, bless him.

I do think others might like to try their hand at this. Classes are available at craft centres such as Crab Apple Crafts at the Lady Heyes Craft Centre, or Craft Central at Wyevale Garden Centre, Tarporley.

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