Map Links

These links are primarily included for our walking group but may be useful for other members. The links open the map at Whitley Village Hall and then you can search/scroll to other locations. Please remember that no map is absolutely accurate and up to date.

Google maps are not suitable for rural walking routes; they are more suited to driving.

O.S. 25K maps are ideal for walkers in the UK. They can be purchased from Ordnance Survey or obtained free of charge from StreetMap. This link allows you to change scale and location.

OpenStreetMap is a map created by users across the world. It is usually correct but sometimes not absolutely up to date. It can be ideal if you are on holiday abroad. Walkers should use this to supplement the O.S. 25K map.

O.S. Standard maps are free to use from the O.S. site but are NOT 25K maps. Paths are often ‘lifted’ by O.S. from OpenStreetMap.

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