A walk from Marbury to the Anderson Boat Lift

After the success of our last walk to Daresbury we decided that we would do another socially distanced walk; but this time around Marbury Park. Not being put off by a little bit of rain we walked around the park before finding a suitable spot to get out our picnics and camping chairs for lunch. Luckily for us the rain had stopped by then.

After lunch some of us continued walking along the canal to the Anderson Boat Lift where at the café coffee and ice creams were bought. On the canal we saw a number of narrow boats selling things such as food and drink.

Whitley WI Summer Picnic – August Meeting

Not exactly the picnic we had planned. We were going to be on the field outside Whitley Village Hall, but due to the wet weather we reverted to back-up plan B which was to have this event in the hall. So with masks on, thirty of us sitting six to a table, got to see and talk to each other as a WI for the first time since our March meeting. Following the WI COVID-19 guidelines, the tables and chairs were sanitised before and after our gathering and no singing of Jerusalem took place.

Our chairman Chris welcomed us back and we discussed ways in which our WI would be able to function in the months ahead. We are already meeting in small groups for walks and have the book club and gardening group. Other possible groups could be for such activities as craft and painting.

This meeting might have seemed a little strange but it was good to be back.


A Picture is worth a thousand words

This Picture tells it all….

Escaping from our bubbles, happy walking group members commenced our walk to the Daresbury Firs, initially crossing the busy dual carriageway of the A56.  The route was full of wild flowers and such a pleasant walk through the trees so tranquil, all the better for the feeling of freedom. We steadily made our way down carefully negotiating a few of the tree roots till we came to a gate, which led us into a field of more wild flowers with a field of yellow which looked similar to butterweed. In the distance we could see a narrow boat trundling along the canal. Overhead in the distance we saw a circling raptor.

Reaching the canal, we slowly made our way along the tow path meeting several fellow walkers, cyclists and a couple of fishermen hoping for a catch. There was a family of ducks socially distancing enjoying a swim in the canal with a heron keeping an eye on them from the other side.  

Passing a few horses on the other side of the hedge which were also socially distancing, one horse in each field, we headed up Hobbs Lane to have our last photo taken on the Millennium Seat presented by Moore and Daresbury WI, which provided us with a welcome rest. From the top of Hobbs Lane we walked back along the pathway of the A56, returning to Daresbury Village.  Four of us had a meal in the beer garden in the Ring of Bells to finish our chat for the day. We all thoroughly enjoyed our first outing since March and looking forward to the next.  The weather was marvellous no rain at all.

THANK YOU ANN…. great to be back in business.

Escape to the Country

Four seeds in a hole, an old countryside saying! “One for the mouse, One for the crow, One to rot, and one to grow”

Occasionally we are allowed out…not in huge numbers but in small distancing groups.

How lovely for a few of us to visit the Antrobus Community Kitchen Garden…a project set up in 2011, on a secret location in Reed Lane Antrobus, which is run by a small number of very dedicated volunteers.

This year’s seeds had to be sown in isolation on window ledges and kitchen tables… they eventually got to their planting positions, and are growing to perfection. It’s amazing how plants like the rain more than humans!

Visiting this garden proved to be a real treat, especially the scrumping of raspberries and tayberries.  Have you ever seen a red cauliflower or walking onions? Peas, broad and runner beans, lettuce, tomatoes butternut squash, courgettes, flower- arrangers artichokes, along with strawberries and numerous other fruits, and vegetables, all asking to be picked, cooked and eaten.

OH….and what can we make with these juicy green grapes?

Thank you to Jackie for giving us her time and sharing her enthusiasm for one of her super hobbies.

Raised beds, are now on my list of “must do jobs” for my husband, he wont let me out of lock down again.