Cheshire Craft Day

Two of our Craft Club members, Annette Minor and Jean Waite, enjoyed a productive ‘Christmas Craft’ Day organised by Cheshire Federation. From the 5 workshops on offer we both choose to make a Christmas Card using the Bayeux stitch. We learned new skills, enjoyed looking at the items made in the other workshops, and came away with (almost) completed cards – after all that work they may end up framed in our own ‘Christmas Decorations boxes’!
The pictures show the tutor’s card and our own, nearly completed work and also some of the items made in the other workshops.

Craft Group – Latest news

Our craft ladies have been particularly busy over the last two months.  At our September meeting we completed the task of making a gift for all our ladies towards the Christmas Party.

In October, if we had a project ‘on the go’ we brought it along – Dorothy framed a small embroidery.  Sue Lynch was busy knitting but did bring along her tapestry which she had finished and upholstered as a footstool. Melanie had seen an idea for polystyrene Christmas balls decorated with Christmassy fabric – you can see the splendid result in the photograph. Jane was kept busy with her tapestry of a cat enjoying his afternoon catnap in his basket.

The rest of us made a knitted bunny – the idea came from Chris Spittle – what fun – all had their own characteristic and one glorious white bunny (Beryl) trimmed in turquoise will be on sale to the highest bidder at our next meeting.

Lastly a big thank you to everyone who has brought along lavender for drying or larch cones which have been sprayed gold and silver to help with the Christmas Party table decorations that we shall be making during our November gathering on Wednesday 21st.


It was… for the money, two for the show, three to get ready… go cat go!

Whitley WI Culture Club put on their virtual Blue Suede Shoes and headed to The Northwich Memorial Court, to enjoy an evening at this modern very local theatre. Performed by the very talented Knutsford Musical Theatre, led by Musical Director Michael Scott.






The story (set in the 1950’s) involves a young man called Chad who comes to a small American Town to get his motor bike fixed and finds love. Likewise many of the other towns-folk find love as well.

The Music revolved around Elvis Classics such as “Love me Tender”, “Blue Suede Shoes”, and the “Hawaiian Wedding Song”,

This production made a perfectly lighted-hearted but happy way to spend an evening.

Joanna Lumley visits Culture Club

I knew this head-line would get you to read further. Sorry… It should read “Culture Club visit Joanna Lumley” in her one person show… “All About Me”, on a Sunday Evening in October.

Thanks go to Chris our organiser who planned the visit months ago, so allowing 12 members of Whitley WI to have great seats in a 1700+ full house at the Lowry Theatre, Salford. This was just one venue in Joanna’s extensive 30 day tour.





Joanna is a Kashmir (Indian) born, English Actress, comedian, former model, author and activist. One of her most famous roles was playing the loopy Patsy Stone in the BBC Sitcom “Absolutely Fabulous”. This was equalled by her fascinating travels along the 7000 mile Silk Road.

Joanna talked us through many hilarious adventures, from her incredible career which has lasted more than four decades. She also answered questions written by the audience before the show started.


What huge knowledge this lady has, remembering her experiences, with such joy and passion… she happily told us that she was now 72 years of age… but her energy and outlook on life denies these years.


It genuinely was a privilege to be a member of this audience, and the whole show was totally “Absolutely Fabulous”.

October Walk…and a lovely encounter

Belonging to Halton Borough Council, Daresbury Firs is community woodland in the heart of The Mersey Forest. It was designed to balance wildlife and recreation value with timber production… as well as looking stunning in the sunshine of this brilliant October day.

This is where Whitley WI started their walk, led by volunteer leader Rita…. Where was Ann?

I’ll not tell you she was cruising!



The Bridgwater Canal was reached, with its many hump-backed bridges. Other groups were enjoying the weather and we waved as they floated past on a canal barge….Thinks!! ”May be our walking group should hire one and wave at other walkers”… An idea for the future.

Views all around showed off England’s Green and Pleasant Land to perfection.







Around the corner we noticed hundreds of ducks and swans…the reason was soon revealed… A lovely lady, with a matching smile, was feeding these birds. They obviously knew her, and she explained that she goes there every day, with a shopping-trolley full of bird food…spending far more on the birds than on herself. It was delightful to chat to this lady, who happily agreed to have her photo taken with us and the birds…her smile was even broader after this unexpected encounter.

The walk continued back towards Daresbury Village, through the fields that six weeks previously, had been the supper muddy “Creamfield’s Music Festival”. The grass had regrown… nature does repair itself, and the munching sheep were suitably happy.



Thanks this month go to Rita for sourcing a truly interesting walk, as well as booking the Ring O’Bells for an enjoyable lunch to finish off the morning.