April Walk… Stunning Views

Fields of spring green.

How often do members drive down the A49 between Whitley and Stockton Heath? It’s a pleasant road with houses, trees and a Golf Club, but nothing extra special.
Whitley WI’s April walk took them into a new world behind the houses etc of this part of the A49, so much is hidden.
Leaving cars we entered a field, quite high up with open views across land to the West of Warrington, viewing as far as Fiddlers Ferry Power Station, Widnes. It was a clear day, a bit nippy to start with, no rain forecasted and sunny spring weather.
The walk took us around fields with freshly sprouting crops, past some derelict looking fishing pits, and down a narrow lane to The Walton Reservoir.


Viewing the wildlife on the reservoir.

 There were a few native ducks, but no sign yet of ducklings which would probably be hatching in a couple of weeks.
Hough Lane led to a backway into Walton Gardens… busier than usual due to school holidays.


Was that Thomas the Tank Engine driving round? Maybe on another WI Trip!.

Dont throw stones!

Newly restored glass houses were being completed. One member recalls her Grandparents taking her there as a child to see “real” bananas growing in Warrington.

Always time for a coffee and a chat.

A stroll back

A sit down with coffee and a chat was enjoyed, before heading along the Bridgewater Canal and then following the Delamere Way which crosses Walton Golf Club … I had never been brave enough to venture across this golf course before.

All good things do come to an end…but not quite. Back to ours cars and a short drive followed to The Stretton Fox for a well-earned lunch.
Thanks for this walk go to Rita and Betty. Super organisation including making provision for members who needed to leave early.
We saw “fields of Green”….. So we said to ourselves

                        “What a Wonderful World”

Our Planet, our Countryside, our Choices

Mary attended the March 2019 PAL (Public Affairs Link) Meeting in Tarvin in March.

There were two speakers:

  • Fay Sherlock, Sustainable Palm Oil City Project Officer, from Chester Zoo
  • Martin Varley, Director of conservation at Cheshire Wildlife Trust

Fay won us over with her photo of a sad-eyed orang-utan surrounded by a devastated landscape. The orang-utans’ habitat is being destroyed by deforestation in Indonesia and Malaysia to plant Oil Palm plantations. But it can be environmentally friendly if grown sustainably.

As Martin ruefully said, how can the more endangered white clawed crayfish compete with an orang-utan!

Click on the picture to read the full report by Mary.

Click on the picture to read Mary’s full report


Springtime in Whitley is always very special. A couple of WI Ladies were delighted to accept an invitation from Whitley Pre-School Children to join them on a morning walk.
Leaving the Village Hall, the children were encouraged to spot signs of spring. They were very observant and seeing spring through the eyes of a child was quite special.
Daffodils were at their best, and blossom adored the trees.

Walking down the lane to the duck pond, lots of birds were heard. The little ones happily chattered to the WI Ladies, making one realise how much 3 year olds know about nature and the people who live in the houses they passed.
So where were to ducks? There were no ducks at all on Village Pond, maybe they were busy making nests somewhere. However, one of the children spotted ducks on one of the fishing ponds.
Road signs and markings was the topic of conversation on our return journey, and the learning didn’t stop there. Sign Language was used by the children when fruit and biscuits were served on arrival back at the Village Hall.
The WI visitors were thanked with a small gift. All enjoyed the outing (or was it because the children were allowed as chocolate biscuit because they had visitors?).

Thank you to Vicki and team for inviting the WI to meet the Pre-school children.

Craft Group Gets Busy

The craft group meeting on the 20th was very busy.

Twelve members attended and seven ladies knitted Easter chicks that held a cream egg. This was popular as the item could be finished in next to no time so we shall be making them again at our meeting on the 17th April, still in time for Easter.

Jackie our new member showed us the art of felting – we are all keen to have a go next time.