Cheshire Annual Council Meeting – 14 March 2019

Nine members from Whitley WI attended the Cheshire WI Federation Annual Council Meeting.  This was held at  Northwich Memorial Hall on Thursday 14th March 2019 in the evening.

Notes from the meeting

The Chairman, Jean Harding, thanked the team at Cheshire for all their support and hard work which makes Cheshire Federation so successful.  The following items were covered:End of year finance was discussed and the bank account looked healthy. Some money is being allocated to updating White Friars. Some of the Cheshire events may be subsidised this year.

Two of Cheshire WI have been running for 100 years this years.

Seven new judges in Cheshire.

2020 is an important year for Cheshire Federation as it is their centenary. Members are encourage to do something memorable next year to acknowledge this. More news will be in April’s Cheshire news.

Cheshire federation have arranged a holiday to Canada 1-9th October 2020. Details will be in Cheshire news.

A new website will go live at the end of the March 2019.

The financial statement was presented by Ann Daughtrey.

New treasurers are encourage to attend the workshops being offered in March as there are a number of changes to the role of the treasurer.

WI’s are encouraged to reply to invites as soon as possible and even if not attending.

Data protection – When fit for purpose form completed they need to be stored securely by each WI.

Craft and Art – Denman is hoping to offer a Silver clay workshop next year. Cheshire Federation will be organising another craft workshop near Christmas time again this year.  170 people are attending the literary lunch this month at Christleton.

The 500th edition of the Cheshire News will be issued in June 2019

Helpers are still needed for the Cheshire Show.

Resolutions for this year have had a good number of results this year. Hoping for even more next year. The chosen 2 for this year are – the decline in the local bus service and Don’t fear the smear. There will be 2 meetings to help inform members about the resolutions. Expert speakers will be available to facilitate discussions.

At the end of the formal proceedings Beth Tweddle gave a very interesting talk about her life as a gymnast, and the amazing experience of being a gold medallist at the London Olympics.


It’s a BIT DAMP! March Walk

The Weather forecast definitely told us not to go. Some of the members thought it was a bit wet and wild for a river walk. The Women of Whitley WI’s Walking group never give up, so eight semi-reluctant members travelled to Acton Bridge to order lunch before setting off.
Coffee was our original destination, but after a very muddy ascent and a doubly muddy canal walk, these plans changed as the coffee shop was unobligingly closed.
This minor problem didn’t deter our seasoned walkers. It was good to be outside and really, thinking about getting wet and cold was far worse than actually being outside. The air was fresh and cobwebs blown away.

The River Weaver looked deep and free flowing with resident cormorants (or were they herons?) enjoying the weather and surroundings.

Views of the black and white Cheshire bridges as well as the historic Dutton Locks were enjoyed. One member showed us a photograph of her husband as a young boy, displayed on an information board commemorating flooding at Dutton many years previously. It was sadly too wet to take photographs along the route, as cameras and iPhones might not have lived to tell the tale.

As predicted by the forecast, the rain eventually stopped just as the walk finished. The happy chatter and teamwork of our walking group made us all winners.

Lunch was well earned and thoroughly enjoyed at the newly refurbished Leigh Arms Pub.

So a good day all round… It showed that even wet days can end in sunshine.

Thanks to all who made this walk one to remember.

‘Green Tree’ Ideas from our Members at our February Meeting 2019

Belonging to the WI can make you realise your full potential – both as an individual and as a member of a national campaigning group.

Climate control is an ongoing WI campaign. At our February meeting  Sally, Annette and Chris prepared a tree with green hearts for members to write how they could make changes in the coming year. The completed hearts were attached to the tree and at the March meeting we discussed some of the ideas.

‘Green Tree’ Ideas from our Members

Culture Club – A message from Chris

Hello ladies A few people have asked me when our next culture club meeting would be.  I have nothing planned apart from the music hall at Gorton Monastery as the year appears to be quite busy.  

Pat has invited us to join her garden group meeting at the Birch and bottle pub on Tuesday 12th March at 7.30 in the conservatory. If you should want to eat before the meeting then please come for 6.15 and let myself or Pat know so we can reserve enough tables.

The WI meetings have been busy for me recently so a local pub and a glass of wine would be a nice change.  Hope some of you can make it to plan some garden and culture club events. Failing that feel free to pop in for a drink with us.

Whitley WI…. play it safe!

Safety Central is Cheshire’s Fire and Rescue Services interactive life-skills education
centre based at Lymm near Warrington. Whitley WI were lucky to be the second group of visitors to the newly launched Adult Learning Program.

Smiles All Round

Locked up in the Cells

The bright and colourful welcome area, with complimentary tea and coffee was equalled by the warmth of the staff and volunteers, many of whom were shadowing others learning skills to be used with future groups.
The tour started in a 270o cinema room…where a fairly graphic film of poor safety was shown.
Safer Choices… involved a series of scenarios encouraging people to think about the impact of their decisions including a police custody suite and cell, courtroom, convenience store and a space for learning about online safety. How should you use a cash machine?
Safe as Houses … led the group into a full-sized three-bedroom family home, shed and garden all rigged to not only demonstrate the most common causes of accidents, but also technologies to help prevent injury and promote independence.

Outdoor Safety

Take care on the farm

Streetsafe … Outside we witnessed a dramatic urban environment complete with a road, bridge, toucan crossing, cycle path, and railway station.
Ruralrisk .. recreated Cheshire’s great outdoors showing hidden dangers on farms and rural roads.

The whole afternoon was very informative, with all members having food for thought about their way of life and those of others.
So much to see and do. Late New Year Resolutions were made including :

WARNING… dont charge things on your bed!

care with charging up electrical gadgets (never on a bed or settee) , get the chimney sweep in, don’t use block shaped electrical adaptors, never leave the oven or tumbler dryer on when you go out,

but most importantly, don’t tell all your “Facebook Friends” you are on holiday… The local burglar might find out!

Sincere Thanks to the Safety Central Staff and Volunteers, who gave us their time and expertise… We will take heed!