December 2022 Main Meeting – our Christmas Party

We celebrated a wonderful Christmas Party together, with 44 members attending. Several others had planned to be there, but were unable to because of illness/other commitments

Our party opened with a short performance from a local dance group, a great surprise with some very talented youngsters.

Our competition was ‘A Christmas Hat’, and one of the youngest dancers chose our winner – well done Annette.

Pat produced a wonderful buffet which was served with wine, punch or a soft drink. A great spread, enjoyed by everybody.

This was followed by lots of party games – thank you Melanie –including Christmas Bingo, Pass the Parcel, Feely Bags and Christmas carol charades.

Irene was presented with a long membership award from the NFWI. She joined WI at the age of 14 and has continued to be a member ever since – over 70 years. Sue Burtonwood was given a plant as a thank you for the long service she had given to the committee in lots of ways before resigning at our Annual meeting last month.

We finished the evening with a lively rendition of ‘Auld Lang Syne’ in the traditional manner, holding hands in a large circle.

Everyone went home with a plant gift and memories of a great Christmas celebration with their WI friends.

The committee had had long discussions about a party at an outside venue, a full Christmas Buffet with outside caterers, or our more ‘home-spun’ event. Feedback from our members is that we made the right choice, lots of time to chat and fun entertainment.

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