Art Group – Jan 2023 – A Magical Place

Our topic for this meeting was ‘A Magical Place’ as we hope to inspire some of our group to enter a piece of their work in this category for the Cheshire Show. A few of our group couldn’t make the meeting this month but 6 of us did discuss the theme, and Ann C shared a piece of work that she has already done.

We looked at various ‘magical place’ pictures from the web and also some magical places in literature, to fit the Shows overall theme of ‘Once upon a time’. The group who were with us today struggled a bit with this ‘magical’ theme but 3 of us did have a go at painting Aslan from ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’, while more experienced members continued with their own piece of work.

Our next meeting will be on Monday 27th February at 1.30. The theme is ‘Daffodils’, maybe we can produce some pictures to share at our Welsh meeting the following week. Alternatively members may wish to continue with the ‘magical place’ idea with hopefully at least some entries for the Cheshire Show.

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