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What a treat. 600 lucky members of CFWI met in the Winsford lifestyle centre, for their 2016 Autumn Council meeting. There is so much going on in Cheshire Federation which is brilliantly led by our new chairman Jean Harding. Presentations of events to come in the next few months were told to the gathered crowd by the leaders of various sections of the County Committee. Included were more visits to Denman, an October Concert by the Weaver Valley Choir, details of the latest project being supported by ACWW, a visit to Haughton Hall’s garden in May, and the title for next year’s Cheshire Show entries “All things Bright and Beautiful”.
We also enjoyed an informative presentation by a young lady from the Cheshire Wild life Trust. This is a local charity, and totally run by volunteers and donations.
Members eagerly returned to their seats after lunch. Angela Rippon our guest speaker had arrived. This 72 years young lady, has just celebrated 50 years in broadcasting, looked far younger and fitter than she appears on the television, took us on a journey through her professional life. A young girl from Plymouth, who was mad about horses and dancing, got herself a job as a photo-journalist with a local newspaper. Her ability, talent, and vibrancy, resulted in her getting a job reading the news on BBC TV. Her father wasn’t pleased! He gave her advice to last a lifetime…she must read the news as if she was talking to him. This Advice stayed with Angela throughout her whole journalistic life. Her career went from strength to strength, from the news, to Top-Gear, from the Antiques Roadshow, to presenting Come-Dancing, from the famous Morecombe and Wise show (1972) to the Holiday Programme. Her current role is being the main presenter of “Rip Off Britain”.
She said the secret of success was to recognise both your strengths and weaknesses, enjoy and be proud of what you have achieved. Angela’s enthusiasm for life was truly inspiring… sorry about blurred pictures, i was sitting near the back. Pat x

Have you got the knitting bug yet?


I have a confession to make, I’ve got the ‘knitting bug’. I’ve never really been a knitter but I thought I’d better make an effort and have a go at making a Twiddle Muff. I made a ‘girly’ one first, you know pastels and flowers etc., but then I thought about making one for the men. I got a bit carried away with my Warrington Wolves effort, with zips and beads, pom poms and rugby balls and decided to make a mascot as well, I’ve called him WOOLLY (obviously). They were so easy to do; I’m going to make a ‘girly’ teddy next.

If you’ve not made a muff or teddy yet, why not have a go? However; a word of caution – you may catch ‘The Knitting Bug’ but you will certainly brighten the life of a dementia sufferer.

Patterns for the twiddle muffs are on the internet, google twiddle muffs, or contact Lorna Bettles or Pat Gaskell or pick one up at next WI meeting along with a Teddy pattern.

(or you can download two knitting patterns for twiddlemuff or a knitted teddy from the Whitley WI website project page – Jenny)


We will be discussing where to supply our Twiddle Muffs to at Lorna’s house on Thursday 20th October


The 26th Adelaide Hough Ch Cup competition, has just been played on a beautiful September sunny day at Comberbach Bowls club. 16 players competed, with each bowler playing 4 matches.

A scrumptious lunch prepared by all the players was enjoyed.
Ann Tolson played well throughout and was the well -deserved Champion.
Adelaide was able to come along and present the Trophy. This made this end of season event to all our dedicated bowls teams even more special.

Photos show members enjoying lunch, a recent picture of Whitley 1 and 2 bowls teams, and Champion Ann recieving her trophy from Adelaide Hough.

September Walk – Frodsham Hill


Six intrepid explorers from WI set off in two cars to Frodsham for our September walk around the Sandstone trail in Frodsham. Ann O’Brien had taken her usual care to ensure that our walk was not too strenuous, so we started at the top, rather than the bottom of Frodsham Hill. This meant that we that we had the magnificent views over the Mersey Estuary without the climb. It was a beautiful, very warm day and, depending on which way you looked, you could choose whether or not you wanted the vista to include the new wind turbines that are being installed all along the marshes. A great feature of the walking group is the wide ranging conversations en route, so you almost forget how far you are walking – do we prefer wind turbines, pylons, solar panels or power stations, etc.?

It would seem that wherever you travel in Cheshire you will meet up with a friend/relation of somebody in WI and today was no exception. Rita’s cousin was busy picking baskets full of wonderful blackberries; we all now know where to go to find lots of fruit with minimum effort. The crop is particularly good this year due to lots of summer rain which has also encouraged lots of nettles, brambles and other greenery. Must remember the secateurs next time!

We finished the day with a delicious light lunch at the nearby Ring o Bells on Bellemonte Road, Frodsham which we would highly recommend. Thanks again to Ann for organising the walk, much enjoyed by everybody.

By Jean Waite


AUGUST WALK….Little Switzerland

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A good day!… 10 happy walkers left Whitley and set off  for “Little Switzerland”, a beautiful area of Cheshire near the picturesque village of Willington, Kelsall. We parked at the Boot Inn where we were made welcome and headed up a steep path and into the hills. It was not long before we were high up, overlooking the Cheshire Plain. The varied walk took us through forests, up and down hills and fields, secret paths, and along parts of the Sandstone trail.
If we had stayed longer, we could have ended up as extras in the ITV series of “Paranoid” which was being filmed at Windsor’s Fruit Farm, Willington.
Lunch at the “Boot” was cheerfully enjoyed, the service was great, and we must have behaved as extra chocolates from the management were brought and enjoyed. Thanks from all to Ann O’Brien… our dedicated walks leader. The only question was “where are we going next?”